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Our Epicurean Line

Premier quality’s flagship product, caviar has been enjoyed as a luxurious and prestigiously renowned delicacy for centuries, a symbol of both taste and status. Take an occasion to treat yourself and your loved ones to any of our selection of the sea’s precious bounty. Our caviar is sourced, processed and packaged by our team to maximize your gastronomic pleasure.

We urge you: don’t just eat your caviar, indulge in it. Treat it with the deference it deserves: serve it in a beautiful ice-filled bowl and marry its flavor with those of trimmings such as sour cream, chives, olives or onions. Break out your favorite drink, iced cold, to complete the picture.

Or if historical tradition is your thing, start your day with plump beluga spread onto crispy toasted bread. Don’t forget the freshly brewed tea!


The finest and rarest of sturgeon roe, the cream of our crop. Plump and flavorful. The size is 2-3.5 mm in diameter. Grades: O (dark grey) OO (medium grey) and OOO (light grey).


Exquisitely nutty flavor. Mystify your guests with our fine golden Imperial, drawn from the albinos of the Oscietra species. The size is 2.3-2.8mm in diameter. Grades: Gold (rare, or “Imperial”), Black (from 20-40 year old fish) and Brown (most common).


The most abundant variety of roe, from the most widely caught sturgeon. Spicy aroma and slight fishy taste. The size is 1.8-2.5 mm in diameter. Grades: Light Grey (first grade) and Dark Grey (most common).

Our caviar is packed in:

  • Vacuum tins: 250g, 200g, 125g, 100g, 50g and 30g
  • Ring-pull vacuum tins: 200g and 100g
Salmon Roe

Our “red caviar,” a tasty alternative to sturgeon roe that won’t break the bank. Take a leaf out of your Russian friends’ book, let it join smoked salmon and sour cream in an appetizing canape.

Available in Bulk (1Kg) and twist-off vacuum glass jars of 50g, 100g and 200g.