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Welcome to Aarax Foodstuff Co. LLC. Home of Premier, Premier Caspian and Prestige Caspian, three names for Quality, Honesty and Excellence since 1992.

We are very proud to introduce to you the heights of Premier Quality, for which we have procured and prepared the finest imported and domestic foodstuffs for our local and international clientele over the past 25 years.

Let us treat your taste buds, we won't disappoint. You will understand why we are known for our quality delicacies and reliable service.

Our Epicurean Line

Premier’s flagship product, caviar has been enjoyed as a luxurious and prestigiously renowned delicacy for centuries, a symbol of both taste and status.

Our Fruit of the Orient Line

We at Aarax Foods are particularly proud of our Premier line of dried fruits & nuts, and are committed to supplying only the finest available both domestically and from the international market.

Our Essential Plenty Line

Long-time clients, such as Emirates Flight Catering, can attest to the excellence and reliability of our line of catering products, and our dedication to providing.

About Us

Since 1992, we at Aarax Foodstuff Co. LLC. have been committed to producing and providing the finest specialties and luxury foodstuffs to a loyal and steady clientele of foodies, connoisseurs and institutions in the UAE and abroad.

For our Premier quality, we supply only the best imported items, such as our dates from Saudi Arabia and our dried fruits & nuts from the region.

We are committed to the application of the highest international Food Safety Standards for our products, activities and services
backed by HACCP Food Safety System to guarantee and ensure consistentency of quality to our customers.

We give top priority to customer satisfaction by producing and delivering Fresh and Pasteurized Sturgeon roe (Caviar),
Salmon Roe and Dried Fruits and Nuts of the highest quality and food safety standards through technical excellence and
control in all spheres of the management of our business.

Continuous improvement is the responsibility of every staff member, and they are required to participate in all HACCP food safety and quality assurance related activities, Food Safety standards through technical excellence and control of all spheres of production and management endeavors ensures the delivery of quality at all times.

Our Certifications

Our tightly-knit team is dedicated to the satisfaction of our customers and quality of our output and services. Keeping up to date with HACCP Food Safety norms and activities is an imperative for us, as is in-house training of our staff.

The Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (or H.A.C.C.P) system, for decades, has served various kinds of industrial ventures around the world by providing the framework for an efficient means of identifying and preventing health hazards to their customers.

Over the years, we have had long-standing and amicable business
relationships with distinguished customers